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ASC Quality Collaboration Executive Director Recruitment

The Executive Director of the ASC Quality Collaboration (ASC QC) oversees all operations, functions and activities of the organization. The person filling this position must have the experience and confidence to be the public face of the organization and must possess the skills to implement the vision and strategic direction of the ASC QC's Board of Directors. Candidates must have extensive experience in ASC clinical quality and prior leadership experience. The specific position responsibilities and candidate competencies are detailed below.

The Executive Director serves as an independent contractor and does not receive benefits. Compensation is based on an hourly rate for services rendered.

If you are interested in being considered for the position, please submit a personal statement and curriculum vitae to by July 12, 2019.

Position Responsibilities

A. Measure Development and Maintenance

  • Work with TEC to identify topics for measure development
  • Direct the specification and all testing necessary to vet potential measures
  • Collaborate with other developers in measure development projects as appropriate
  • Analyze, provide feedback, and (when possible) participate in other measure development projects that impact the ASC setting
  • Respond to all public inquiries regarding ASC QC measures

B. CMS ASC Quality Reporting Program (ASCQR Program)

  • Oversee submission of successfully finalized ASC QC measures to the Measures Under Consideration List
  • Follow the activities of the Measure Applications Partnership and provide input and comments
  • Oversee analysis of annual CMS proposals for the ASCQR Program, solicit feedback from members, and oversee preparation and submission of public comments
  • Communicate ASCQR Program changes to members
  • Provide guidance to CMS support contractors regarding the appropriate use of ASC QC measures
  • Maintain open dialogue with CMS staff regarding current measure development activities and issues with ASCQR Program

C. Public Reports and Tools

  • Gather quarterly data on ASC QC measures from members, prepare and post a quarterly report online
  • Respond to all public inquiries regarding the ASC QC quarterly public report
  • Oversee the annual and any necessary interim updates to the ASC QC Measure Implementation Guide and Measure Summary
  • Oversee updates to ASC Tools for Infection Prevention (ASC TIPs) Toolkits annually and as needed

D. Service on External Technical Expert Panels and Projects

The following is a listing of current panels and projects. It is understood that this service will evolve over time as current projects are completed and new projects are initiated.

  • Outpatient and Ambulatory Surgery Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers & Systems Survey (CMS/RTI)
  • Surveys On Patient Safety Culture (AHRQ/Westat)
  • Hospital Inpatient and Outpatient Process and Structural Measure Development and Maintenance (Hospital-MDM) Project
  • Risk-Standardized 7-Day Hospital Visit Rate After General Surgery (CMS/Yale CORE)
  • National Healthcare Safety Network Outpatient Procedure Component (CDC)

E. National Quality Forum (NQF)

  • Submit and/or maintain ASC QC measures at the discretion of the Board
  • Participate in measure developer activities to remain abreast of measure development standards and requirements
  • Monitor NQF projects pertinent to ASCs and provide input as needed

F. Public Engagement

  • Speak regarding the ASC QC and its activities
  • Speak regarding the CMS ASCQR Program at ASC industry meetings
  • Staff the ASC QC booth at industry events

G. Internal Operations

  • Conduct and prepare minutes for quarterly Board of Director meetings and monthly TEC conference calls; conduct quarterly Executive Committee conference calls
  • Make all arrangements for annual Leadership Meeting and other face-to-face meetings
  • Recruit new members
  • Prepare annual business plan
  • Prepare annual budget and monitor monthly/quarterly financials; review IRS 501(c)(3) filings
  • Direct and oversee other ASC QC contractors
  • Update orientation and membership documents annually and as needed
  • Prepare a quarterly newsletter
  • Maintain the ASC QC website

Given that the quality measurement and reporting landscape is continually evolving, it is expected that the responsibilities of the Executive Director will change over time.

Candidate Competencies

A. Knowledge and Experience

  • Possesses the clinical experience, credibility and technical expertise necessary to accomplish the goals of the ASC QC
  • Applies knowledge of and experience with measure development to guide the ASC QC's measure development activities and oversee other consultants with content matter expertise (such as statistician)
  • Understands and applies procedures, requirements, regulations, and policies related to ASC operational and clinical practice to quality measurement
  • Uses knowledge of and experience in the ASC setting to educate government agencies, partnerships, committees and other organizations involved in ASC quality measurement activities

B. Coalition Building

  • Maintains a collaborative milieu that values and respects the diverse contributions of members
  • Builds consensus through give and take; gains cooperation from others in order to accomplish the goals of the ASC QC
  • Develops networks and builds alliances; collaborates with other ASC stakeholders to build strategic relationships
  • Fosters cooperative and productive relationships across all projects and maintains the high regard of the ASC QC with stakeholders in the arena of ASC quality, including government agencies

C. Leadership

  • Demonstrates commitment to the development of ASC quality data and advancing measurement capabilities in the ASC industry
  • Applies broad and extensive executive level management and quality measurement experience to achieve the goals of the ASC QC
  • Thinks strategically to align ASC QC objectives with public interests and evolving government policy
  • Positions the ASC QC for future success by identifying new opportunities for the advancement of ASC quality measurement and reporting
  • Deals effectively with pressure and remains persistent despite setbacks
  • Performs effectively in a public setting; makes clear and engaging oral presentations on behalf of the ASC QC

D. Business Acumen

  • Strategically manages the limited financial and personnel resources of the ASC QC while achieving goals
  • Maintains flexibility to meet the needs of stakeholders
  • Displays strong organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Writes in a clear, organized and convincing manner
  • Manages clinical data in a variety of formats and creates quality data reports that are useful to members and the public
  • Uses available software and information technology resources to increase efficiency and effectiveness and share information

E. Ethics and Integrity

  • Exhibits ethical, honest and professional behavior with all members, stakeholders, and the public
  • Exemplifies the values of quality, respect, integrity, openness, and accountability
  • Maintains confidentiality of quality data and other information proprietary to member organizations